About Me

In the world of business, I view design as the most critical form of communication for an audience. In 3-5 seconds viewers make a decision to either engage with something they see, or move on. This critical moment often comes prior to even reading written content. It’s my job to capture an audience and keep them engaged through visual communication. People are wired to sub-consiously ask, “does this business look professional? Should I trust this business judging by what I see? Are things confusing and can I find what I’m looking for?” If the answer is no to any of these questions, a prospect may leave. A customer may become frustrated. Unfortunately many businesses don’t value visual design enough – not realizing that poor design can increase abandonment and the loss of prospects and/or customers.

We live in a digital age and designers need to understand how design applies across all traditional and digital forms of communication from wireframes to websites to mobile apps, and everything in between.
I’m not interested in making things look pretty. I'm a problem solver who very often uses visual design as a tool. I’m about delivering a superior visual experience in the context of business. Hey, the next big thing could start as a sketch on a napkin. For that reason, I’m proud to be a designer.